Confidentiality Policy

The UNM SBI adheres to strict standards in order to maintain the confidentiality of our clients and students. Though client names are included on the final reports, all reports are confidential and are not made known to the public. However, the reports are used as examples to students and faculty in the participating SBI classes.

All students are required to review and sign a Confidentiality Agreement. This agreement prohibits UNM SBI students from discussing the client's firms, trade secrets, and confidential information with anyone outside of their classroom, unless specific permission is provided by the client. Students are not permitted to recommend any business or person to their client if this recommendation constitutes a conflict of interest. Students will not accept fees, commissions, gratuities, or other benefits from any firm participating in the UNM SBI programs.

Students who do not adhere to the Confidentiality Agreement may face removal from the UNM SBI programs as well as disciplinary action from the Dean, including possible expulsion.